Drew and I LOVE to walk. It’s actually one of the things we like most about living at the beach. We are within walking distance or biking distance to EVERYTHING we need.

Every morning we go for an hour walk. Right when we wake up. It’s a lovely way to start our day. There aren’t too many people out and about at 5:00am when we go for our walk but there are a few.

It’s important to me to say “Good Morning” to those I pass by. Some appreciate my friendly-ness and some don’t. Which I am perfectly ok with.

Sometimes I get grumbles back or sometimes I get silence but that’s ok. It’s not my place to judge or worry about why people don’t answer back or what they think of me. In fact, it’s really none of my business.

What I can do is focus on the people who light up, who smile, who lift their head, whose eyes brighten with the simple act of saying “Good Morning!”

That’s all it takes sometimes for a gloomy, sad face to beam with bright light because someone else thought of them.

If that small act is all it takes to make someone’s day you bet your ass I’m going to spread that joy like it’s never been spread before.

It only takes those two little words. That’s it!! We are so busy sometime’s thinking about our “busy” lives that we forget to stop. We forget that we have the power to lift others up.

We get so focused on what we need to do. We get so busy rushing around that we forget about others. We forget that it doesn’t take much at all to make someone smile.

I think we can all do our best to take a second and brighten someone’s day with a little “Good Morning!”


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