How We’re Programmed to Think the Same Way as Everyone Else

How We’re Programmed to Think the Same Way as Everyone Else

I saw this lady sitting in the grass looking at this beautiful tree that had bright green leaves and had branches growing every which way, unlike the trees I’m used to seeing.

A few moments later she took out a pad and began to sketch the tree. Glancing up and down. She’d take a moment to study the tree, then back down at her pad; to the tree, then to the pad again as her hand scribbled away.

My curiosity got the best of me. I walked over to the lady sitting in the grass and asked her if I could see her drawing. She was more than willing to show me her sketch and talk about what she was drawing.

In fact, she got up. She walked me over to the tree, and pointed out what she saw, which just happened to be a body, and two faces, one looking up at the other one. It was astonishing to feel her vision of a tree I’ve walked by a number of times.

I like being around trees, I enjoy surrounding myself with life. I feel that trees offer so much, and many times we ignore then. They offer shade and shelter, something to look at, hide behind. They offer so much in which otherwise would be an empty park.

The nice lady got me thinking, I used to have an imagination like that. I used to stare up at the clouds and picture different objects in them (even as an adult but not recently), I used to sketch myself, make up games as a child, pretend toys and more. Her imagination was contagious. I couldn’t help but not only look at that tree in wonder, but others as well as I started to use my imagination like I used to.

It was like a whole new world was light up right in front of me.

Funny how we’re programmed to think the same way as everyone else, get in line, be quiet, do what you’re told. This is how we’re raised, this is was society deems ‘a good kid’.

If you do something different you’re a trouble maker, if you walk through the grass with your shoes off you’re a hippie. If you stare at a tree and see something other than a tree, well that’s just plain weird.

I don’t know about you but I like my imagination, it’s what we had before a tv was in every room. It’s what we used as children before tablets were given as Christmas presents. It’s the only thing a girl had before she followed her dreams as a professional signer, or a boy before he traveled the world as a professional athlete.

At least for now my vision has changed, I’ve always appreciated the trees, but I’ll look at them differently, and as long as I can, I’ll do my best to see something other than a regular old tree.