Tighten up your glutes and hamstrings

Got time for a less than 3-minute workout? Looking to tighten up your gluten and hamstrings? I know you’ve been sitting there for a long time in front of your computer probably posting and pinning those 5-minute workouts you’ve all been dreaming/wanting/aching to do but got no to do it. Remember, “Every journey begins with a single step.” So if you are taking on a journey to optimal health, to a sound mind and body, don’t be afraid to take that first step. Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

Then what are you waiting for? Try these four targeted glute and hamstring exercises and isolate those areas to get rid of that stubborn body fat and tighten/tone those muscles. Don’t worry! This is a fuss-free exercise and you could even get your children to join you. You only need a mat or towel and some fitted clothes and a little space to do this. 

And if you are planning to go on a picnic, enjoyed the day outside or to boost your metabolism, this is a perfect, short but intense workout for you.

It contains four exercises. The front legs, side legs, pilate circles and straight leg pulses. Just a few minutes of watching and you are sure to memorize those moves and be well on your way to being able to do it yourself. With ten reps each side for a total of four sets you’ll get a fantastic burn in minutes!

Want more!?

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