You can now find True Form Products at the Olds Uptowne Market!!!

We’ve heard from a number of you locally that you’d appreciate a local pickup/retail area as an option with all our products.

And when we asked, many of you thought the market would be a good place. So here we are…

It’s not my favourite idea, but I want to do what makes our people happy. Some of you may remember WAY back in the day when we were in Health Food Stores across Canada.

Which sounds really cool but was a nightmare to manage. From staff training, to stocking inventory, from trying to get stores to pay their bills. It was no fun, and why besides a few option we sell Online.

You have much less control, you have to cater to their suggestions, wants and needs. Some health food stores wouldn’t even carry your products unless you gave the staff free product on a regular basis. I’ll save those stories for another time.

We’re really hoping this is going to work out. There are many factors that come into play when you’re working with another business like this. And for us, building our own audience from the ground up took Years.

So to direct our people to another location, and send them somewhere else knowing little about them has offered it’s own challenges. It’s not as easy as simply stocking shelves in another location.

But we’ll do our best to remain open with communication with them, and always with our customers who come first.

I would call this more of a trial period to see how it goes. If all goes well, this will be your main pick up location for those that are local. If it doesn’t go as planned we’ll find another option in the future.

For now, we hope you’ll enjoy popping in whenever they have their hours of operation open.

If you go in and see something that doesn’t look right, we’d like to rely on you to let us know.

If you see product that needs to be replaced, please let us know.

And if there are any other concerns, we hope you’ll feel comfortable letting us know.

Wishing you all a fantastic day!!!

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