2 Simple Words

Life doesn't have to be all that complicated

Life doesn’t have to be all that complicated. Communication doesn’t either, which is the very root of any relationship that makes life easier or more challenging.

I feel like more than anything we lack communication which causes many issues in the world today. Then we have emoji options pop up and how can you possibly explain to a grown adult that when you ask a question or are trying to have a conversation that a ‘thumbs up’ isn’t an appropriate response.

Which seems to be happening more and more, and only reinforces my point that we’re lacking communication skills.

If you make a mistake, 2 simple words can usually fix it. 2 words that most aren’t willing to say. If I’m not clear what those are, they are: *I’m Sorry. *

You could also try, ‘it was my fault’, OR I should have been more considerate. There’s a dozen different words that can be expressed when you’re in the wrong and know it but say nothing and can’t figure out why so many relationships are broken.

We also have 2 simple words of gratitude that can be expressed at just about any moment, to show someone that you appreciate what they’ve done to improve your situation, day or life in general.

*Thank you. *Using these simple words often will change your entire life and teach one how to live in gratitude which is much different than so many live today. If there’s 2 words that could be used often to make a significant difference, it would be, Thank you.

And lastly the final 2 words that I feel we lack that could improve communication and general relationships is: You’re Welcome. Here is another great opportunity to stop using a ‘thumbs up’ and actually communicate through words.

It means so much more, it completes a conversation. It responds to a form of gratitude and it’s polite. I don’t know when we stopped saying you’re welcome. I don’t know why or why these 2 simple words are thought so little of.

Try including these 3, 2 simple words every single day and watch the world open it’s arms to you.