Weight Loss Products

Weight Loss Products

It makes me cringe when I see people posting about weight loss products. This post isn’t going to make a lot of people happy but I feel like I have to share. The bottom line is, if weight loss products worked, like they claim, everyone would be at their ideal weight, happy, healthy and pain free.

The fact of the matter is, most companies that run around claiming they have a pill, powder or potion that ‘instantly drop inches’ are bombarded with horrible toxins detrimental to our health. I said most, not all. But that’s a very very small percentage.

I feel like *most *ethical companies don’t run around saying ‘lose weight, lose weight’ like chicken little’s the sky is falling, because they know products don’t do that.

*And I’m not talking about natural foods or supplements that can ‘aid’ in burning fat.

The hardest part for me is to know what ingredients do and still see people A. selling a product with false claims that are detrimental to our health, or B. posting for someone else, helping them sell products that contain toxins which will cause harm.

I know we’re just trying to help, or we’re trying to make a living, but don’t we have an obligation to truly know and understand a product before standing behind it. Before posting about it, using it, or recommending it?

Imagine a product that teaches your body to not accept food anymore, you’ve all heard about supplement products that tell you to have 2 shakes a day and only one meal. Then what happens after you drop 20lbs, you get tired of the shakes, can’t afford them or want to start eating again?

Here’s what happens, you come to us because your digestive system is upside down and your body can’t digest food anymore. It’s mind boggling, and this is just one tiny example.

Consider the long term damage being promoted by us running ‘home based businesses’ and not knowing what we are selling, consider if there truly was a magic pill that did what they claim everyone would look like the cast on Baywatch. But that simply isn’t true.

I feel like if you’re going to sell or promote a product you have an obligation to know even more about the product and ingredients that the product contains, *especially *if you’re going to use, sell it and promote it to your loved ones.

These are my thoughts, clearly not everyone’s. And they don’t have to be. We all have the ability to make our own choices. But this is how we run our business, this is how we design, promote and sell our products. I can promise you one thing. If you buy a product from us, we know every single thing there is in the product, and we know not a single one of them will do you harm.

PIcture a world where everyone else felt the same way.