4 Levels of Pain

So I think many of us could be looking for the easy way out at times, I mean it’s only natural. In today’s day in age most of our children will actually be conditioned to look for quick fixes which is why it’s so important to teach other ways to find results. Now we’ve all heard, without Failure there isn’t Success. Or success and failure go hand in hand (there’s probably 100 different ways to say it). But I’d like to take that a step further.

I don’t think it’s as easy as, ‘BOOM’ FAILURE and ‘POW’ here comes SUCCESS! The road seems to be a little more complicated. And although from the outside we usually see what’s going well, I feel I’ve dealt with a little more failure than the average person (which of course is only my perspective).

Instead of talking about all my failures, I want to get right to the point. This is what I’ve learned from each failure, which is a little more than Failure = Success.

When you match up Expectations, Vulnerability, then Rejection PLUS failure you have your success. Now I understand we don’t want to hear this, or break it down this in depth because it’s much easier to say Failure = Success, but nonetheless….

4 levels of pain

I feel that if you know what’s coming, if you know how the system works you can find that success much easier. Many times we fail not knowing why, then we’re left wondering what happened to the success, which is still waiting for the other steps.

Your expectations make you vulnerable, that vulnerability causes rejection, after we’re rejected we feel like a failure….and finally if we can get through all that pain, we find SUCCESS.

What I’m saying is, if you don’t fail enough (in that certain situation) if you give up, if the ‘hard’ is too much then that success will still be waiting for you, wondering if you’ll show up.

But if you can get through it, if you can manage and pull yourself through the difficult times, through these 4 levels of pain, there’s no other option but to succeed.