A delicious, clean and natural way to get your daily dose of protein

Our Vanilla protein is made up of plant-based sources such as sprouted and fermented varieties, that can be just as effective as animal sourced proteins.

Our vanilla protein contains no added ingredients or artificial preservatives, so you can rest assured that you are getting a high quality supplement. When it comes to protein, your body needs the right balance of amino acids to fully support your muscles and body growth.

With our plant-based vanilla protein, you get a comprehensive source with nine essential amino acids. These essential amino acids are responsible for increased energy, fat loss, muscle growth and maintenance, as well as increased immunity to disease.

It’s also easy to use. You can mix it into smoothies, shake or bake with it to get protein into your diet in a variety of ways. Plus, with its delicious vanilla taste, you won’t have to worry about any bitter aftertastes.

So if you’re looking for a delicious, clean and natural way to get your daily dose of protein, then look no further than our plant-based vanilla protein. With its great benefits and delicious taste, it will make getting healthy easier and more enjoyable than ever!

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