Why do we have a scale in our bathroom?

Why do we have a scale in our bathroom?

Do you let 3 numbers on a scale determine your self-worth, your confidence level, your personal perspective of yourself? That’s right 3 numbers negatively affect millions of people each morning in North America. It’s absurd when you think about it. Why do we have a scale in our bathroom, why do we let a perceived number (and that’s all it is, ‘perceived’) affect our entire day?

#1. Get rid of the scale in the bathroom, it’s not doing anyone any good there. It’s not giving you motivation or inspiration; it’s not encouraging you in any way and it’s certainly not making you feel better about yourself.

#2. Ask yourself what the number is you really want to see, don’t just look at the scale and be disappointed it’s not lower than 6 mins ago when you stood on it the first time that morning. Give yourself a number you’d like to see, then ask yourself why you want to see that number.

Is it because someone ‘skinny’ said they weighed that much. Because you ‘heard’ that’s your ideal weight, because that’s what you weighed in High School and think you should always have the body of a 16 yr old, or because that nonsense BMI test told you to lose weight?

#3. Find another way to measure your self-confidence, self-worth and perception of yourself being strong and beautiful and in shape cause I can promise you you’ll never be happy with those 3 little numbers. It will never be enough, the scale for most simply won’t be low enough because it’s an inaccurate measure of who you are.