All it takes is one person to make a change

All it takes is one person to make a change

The other day I was eating trail mix in between one of my personal training clients, I even snuck in a couple handfuls during. I often book my appointments around lunch or at a place a healthy snack or food can be ordered (or eaten). I’ve even excused myself in the middle of a meeting to help myself to handful of food (in most of these cases it’s trail mix because it so easy).

Unprofessional you might think? To be quite honest with you I refuse to be one of those trainers that ‘don’t have time to eat’, if I did that how can I tell people there’s always time. This isn’t just directed toward trainers, this is anyone that has a job; as expressed above, I have meetings too. So you may catch me running a few minutes behind because I make time to take a couple big gulps of smoothie in the car before I run into an appointment; sometimes I even joke about it to whomever I’m meeting. If you’re up front most people don’t mind.

The thing is there’s always time, there really is. Make time, make it happen and don’t use any crutches we may make up throughout the day. Yes of course I know there are certain circumstances, I know at times we don’t prepare, I know there are emergencies and I even know it’s not always acceptable to bring in food or grab a handful of whatever you have in the middle of an important meeting. But that doesn’t mean, most of the time you skip out on meals, you’re hungry and actually believe you didn’t have time.

If you put your health on the top of the list as a priority, if you decide that’s what you’ll do without equivocation, if you allow and accept this of yourself then you’ll start to realize there really is time, you either make it or it magically appears, but it’s there. There’s the same amount of time for everyone in the day; I could list 100 other occupations or situations where people find a way to make time for nutrition, which means you can too.

You know what the thing is, if people around you know how important nutrition is, how important your health is you’ll start to inspire them; you’ll start to find encouraging people around you, you’ll start to see others in your circle of friends or employees do the same thing. Not only that but maybe eating or bringing in smoothie to that important meeting is now acceptable.

All it takes is one person to make a change; all it takes is realizing you do have time and you do have a choice, if you make it a priority.