We either get things done or we don’t

We either get things done or we don’t

We either get things done or we don’t, isn’t that the way it usually goes? Isn’t that the truth? We either talk about doing something or we do it; we either talk about wanting to do something or we talk about what it was like when we did.

Rarely do both occur.

You could either talk about it or be about it, I prefer being about it. You know what I’m talking about, it could be you reading this or it could be a friend of yours. Sometimes you just want to say, just do it! Do Olympic athletes talk about wanting to train? No they talk about their last training session and how well it went or how they could improve.

If you go to workout at class you talk about being at workout class not going to workout class. I could think of a thousand examples. If you eat well, you talk about eating well, you talk about what you’re going to prepare, you talk about how you’re going to do this or that; you don’t talk about how one day you’ll make this wonderful dish, you don’t say when I have more time, when I get the opportunity, when Christmas is over or the holiday in three years.

That’s the truth of the matter, that’s real talk and we all know what I’m saying here. Recently someone said, you were blunt with your answer but I needed that. I do my best to be sensitive, I don’t reveal every single detail but if I’m giving advice, if someone wants to know the truth, they know I’ll give it to them, which isn’t any different here or with my other write ups.

Don’t we get tired of procrastinating, don’t we get tired of wishing and wanted instead of doing? Then start doing! It’s as simply as that, start being about it. Start acting, start moving toward the direction you want to go, starting living the life you want instead of talking about it all the time. Wouldn’t it feel better to be that person? Would it make your life that much more fulfilling if you did want you said you were going to do, if you accomplished whatever it is you want?

The best part about ‘not being about it’ is, you can change. You can start being that person just as easily as you can be the one that only talks about it. It takes a choice, a conscious decision to live with intention, to choose better, to be and act and live whatever it is you want in this life. If it isn’t what you want then change it, start being about it.