I recently had the opportunity to experience 2 extremes. I walked by Macy’s, one of the BIGGEST department stores in the world. Honestly I went in because I wanted to see what all the hoopla was about.
And you know what I found, nothing. Well nothing exciting. Let me explain. Masses of people, not all that happy. People bumping into you, people in a rush, people less than pleasant.
Macy's The Biggest Department Store in the World
I had a couple conversations with employees that clearly didn’t want to be there, less than patient, not really interested in helping you out. I walked through more people trying to spray you with perfume and cologne than I could possibly imagine.
Piles and piles of low quality products, mass produced from other parts of the world, most likely for less than a fair wage.
Then, I went to the farmers market. It’s outside as most are, even in cooler temperatures. It was far less crowded. No one bumped into me or rushed me out of the way.
There was no toxic fumes or smells cluttering my brain. The people were actually friendly and even moved out of your way as they slowly perused the fresh food on each cart, counter or tent.
Farmers Market
I talked to farmers, the actual farmer that was happy to talk, share their stories and offer a helping hand.
I thought to myself, isn’t this more pleasant? Why aren’t people jam packing these streets to experience this? The only conclusion I can come up with is, we live in a backwards world….
Farmers Market

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