Our journey has been a rough ride lately but I was reminded by my good friend Dawnna the other day that “beautiful things can happen even in times of chaos”.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the beauty among all the hate, judgment and fear. It’s CRAZY how we get sucked in to all the negative energy and we forget to spread positive energy.

Be a RAINBOW in someone else's cloud

💙What if we just stop, take a deep breath and think before we speak.

💙What if we love just a little bit more each day.

💙What if we have compassion and support one another instead of criticizing choices that aren’t our own to make.

💙What if we offered a helping hand instead of our point of view.

💙What if we remain calm instead of spreading fear.

How about we start being there for others and genuinely showing we care!! That’s how we can get back to the “normal” we are all longing for.

-written by Dorothy

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