Being happier for other people’s success

It’s really nice when someone is genuinely happy for you isn’t it? It seems like it’s often when you tell someone good news (about yourself) and they half smile or try to show excitement but we both know they’re not really excited. They don’t ask questions, inquire or show much interested at all.

Regardless of what’s going on in your life it’s okay to be excited for someone else. In fact I feel like that excitement for others will translate to more positives in your life.

Just the other day I was talking to a good friend of mine that I’ve know for years and told him some good news and he was genuinely excited for me. Then I was taken back – like ‘why are they so excited’. I quickly realized some people actually care. Hopefully there’s a good number of people in your life that are rooting for you to succeed.

Being happier for other people's success

Course there’s jealousy and envy – which will always be part of life. But as challenging as it may be – if you can surround yourself with people that lift you up, that really care, that are cheering for you no matter how small or how big your success ….. then you’ve won, at least part of all the battles life brings forth.

So maybe the next time a friend tells you good news maybe we really are excited for them because we love them and care and hope for their happiness and success regardless of our situation.

Life isn’t a competition, we don’t need to continue to compare ourselves to other people. We don’t need to feel like we should be as successful or as good or as seasoned as someone else because in most cases we have no idea what they did to get there, what they went through, their background, history or if they even enjoy where they’re at.

Maybe if you’re happier for other people’s success they’ll be happier for yours….

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