Giving makes you feel good

I would love to give away a car to someone. I’m serious, this is a long term goal of mine – has been for years. I mean why does Oprah get to be one of the few to say ‘you get a car, and you get a car!!!’ Ellen does a pretty good job of giving away pretty cool things too.

Giving makes you feel good doesn’t it? I’d love to walk up to the door of one of our long time members, customers, clients and friends – after stepping out of a brand new car, pull out a set of keys and say here you go, it’s yours.

No questions, no contingencies, no expectations – maybe offer a warm hug and walk away. And maybe a year of paid insurance. I might say, I hope this helps you get back on your feet, or ‘you deserve this’ or even better, thank them.

I’d say, thank you for believing in us when so few did, thank you for giving us hope when there seemed to be none. Thank you for keeping us on our feet with a single order, with a thank you message, with a ‘like’ or even a share. As trivial as that sounds, it’s the small actions that make a difference for us – it’s the little things that keep us going in business when days are dark.

Drew Taddia

I know a car seems materialistic but it’s a necessity for many. We’ve showed up to customers doors with groceries before – to someone that needed it. Offered hugs and tears and went on our way. That didn’t seem like enough. So if it were to be something more – I think it would be a years worth of groceries.

“Here’s a card, you have unlimited groceries this year, enjoy”. How cool would that be!?

How I’ll measure my success: it’s giving, not how much I can make, how much I’ll spend or even how much is invested or saved.

When I can buy someone a car knowing I can afford it, without having to worry about how much it costs, maybe a TON of groceries for someone that’s helped us for years more than they know, that’s how I’ll know that I’m successful.

That’s how I’ll know that all this has been for something. That’s how we’ll know that we’ve made it and can make a real difference in this world.