Being In Control of our own lives

Is it crazy that I feel like we’re in control of our own lives? That I believe every decision we make ultimately decides our outcome?

Some people say ‘you’re lucky’ to spend so much time at the beach. I’m guessing they meant ‘you’re fortunate’. Which is two very different things. Sure it helps if you’re in the right place at the right time. But I rarely believe luck has to do with anything.

Our circumstances are determined by the specific decisions we make, they’re the thoughts that we think and they’re the actions that we take.

Beach time, having our own place, frequently visiting LA was a very specific and calculated decision that we’ve been working towards for years. It wasn’t an accident, we didn’t fall into it and it certainly wasn’t luck.

It was hard work, every single day. And still is. In fact, I’m working now . Seriously though. This is what we do. I’ve actually had people say, ‘let me know when you get back, you probably don’t want to do it while you’re on ‘vacation”. I thought, well I guess my life is a vacation because what I do at the beach and what I do away from the beach doesn’t change much.

I’ve also heard, ‘why are you working, aren’t you in LA?’. This is what we do, our lifestyle doesn’t change much. Sure it’s easier to be active when the weather is nice, and we’re always influenced by our environment.

But this was a conscious decision to be able to come to the beach so often which means, we work here the same as there. Why am I talking about all this?

Because I think it’s too easy to drift through life, looking for a big break or hoping something good will happen to us. Too many of us feel like we’re a victim of circumstance and that all the great things that are happening to people is out of luck.

I think first we need to decide exactly what it is we want. Most people have no idea. After you decide, find a clear path and find out exactly what it will take to make it happen.

Once you’ve decided, once you’ve come up with a plan, now you’re in control of your own life. Now YOU decide and no one else. Make the decision and let nothing get in your way!