I bought this onezie over a year ago with the intention of overcoming my fear of open water swimming.

You see I LOVE the beach, the sand, the sun, the water up to my ankles or knees BUT going full on in the ocean is a different story.

There’s seaweed, water friends and SHARKS!! AHHH!!!

I do have a dream of competing in triathlons. I have completed one but it was a pool swim so not sure that really counts haha

SO….back to the onezie. I bought it last Spring with the intention that last summer I was going to overcome my fear and swim in the ocean. Like real swimming not such jumping around in the waves haha

Well let me tell you…that onezie has been sitting in the back of my closest ever since I bought it. Just looking at me. Haunting me!!

This is a BIG challenge for me but I am tired of that onezie being in control. I am taking my power back and I am going to do this!!

One. STEP.at.a.TIME!!!

Step One- Take the onezie out of the closet!!! DONE!!!

Step Two- Put it on

Step Three- Get my butt to the ocean

Step Four- Get in the Ocean past my ankles

Step Five- Let go of fear and SWIM!!!

In order to grow, in order to achieve new things, in order to create change in our lives we must face fear head on and over come challenges that are staring us in the face.

On the other side of fear is SUCCESS!!! One does not happen without the other.

I challenge you to find something that changes you and face it head on!!!

*post written by Dorothy Keith

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