There are so many benefits of a foam roller, in fact I believe in them so much I feel everyone should have one and use it at least 3 times a week if not more, depending on how active you are.

In this post I’m going to talk about prevention, how to stay injury free, how to use a foam roller, the easy and convenience of using your foam roller as a prop and how to get a great full body workout in!

benefits of a foam roller

Convenience of a foam roller 

It can be difficult to get to the gym, we all know what it’s like to have to sit and wait in traffic after work when we’re crunched for time and all we want to do is get there, get a workout in or get through our recovery day.

Then of course there is gym fees, gas money to get there, the time it takes to drive to and from the gym and finally finding parking all before you even get there. Once you’re at the gym you have to hope your favourite equipment isn’t being taken up by 6 other people that are doing leg day.

And how about those people that stand around flexing in the mirror right over your equipment, taking selfies or simply talking for 10 mins between each set because they have no where else to be.

And if you’d like an open area, you’re hoping 12 people don’t decide to do abs that day or the open space isn’t being used by a yoga or zumba class.

Working out at home

There is definitely benefits to working out at home but what about the equipment like a treadmill that takes up half the basement and we all know the drying clothes on it get more use from it than you do. Or the bowflex that your saw on sale and believe so much that you’d use it?

Those types of equipment take up tons of space and after the first month or two all motivation seems to be lost to use it. Which makes storing these giant items a hassle and every time you pass them they make you feel like a failure as you think to yourself, ‘I should be using that’.

Foam Roller Benefits

Enter the tiny prop like a foam roller. Due to supply and demand (thank heavens they are becoming easier to find) what used to be a more costly product, you can now find them for $20 at most sports stores, winners and even amazon.

I wouldn’t recommend those long rollers simply for storing purposes. The shorter ones do the same job and you can easily store them behind a door, under a bed, in a closet and you can even travel with them.

Workouts which we’ll get into shortly are another great way to use this prop, and there’s no comparison when it comes to how a foam roller can help you recover from a workout.


A foam roller is one of the best tools I could recommend for recovery. In fact I feel that every single person should have a foam roller and use it at least 3 times a week.

There’s no better feeling than stretching out tight muscles and if you want to take that feeling to another level, using a tool like a foam roller can do just that.

Prevent Injuries 

Lengthening out our IT band which is where many knee injuries stem from, rolling out our tight calves especially if we’re on our feet all day (or wear heels for that matter). Make no mistake about it, if we’re active through hiking, biking or running we want to stay strong and injury free.

Using a foam roller on a consistent basis is one of the best ways to lengthen those muscles, keep your body flexible and can more easily not only help in recovery but prevent as well.

Foam Roller Workout

In this short video we put together a handful of workouts that will target your entire body. Think of it as a full body blast!

Exercises as follows:

  • Forearm plank rollouts
  • Side lunges
  • side touches
  • isolated pushups
  • squats
  • full v-up
  • plank switches

We’re looking at 3 sets of this workout, which means you’ll do each exercise 3 times. If you’re holding a position like the forearm plank rollouts for example, perform this exercise for 30 seconds. If you’re counting reps, aim for 12-15. Make sure you count ‘there and back’ as 1 rep, like for the side lunges and side touches for example.

You want to do the same number of reps on each side to get the full benefit out of this type of exercise.

Reducing Stress

Remember that Exercising is the #1 way to reduce stress, it’s important to find different ways to reduce stress so why not choose exercise as one of your tools and outlets to do so?

With a workout like this, you can do right in your home, with a piece of equipment you should have anyways. Take 20 minutes out of your day to reduce stress, feel great and get in better shape!

More Workouts and Nutrition

If you’re tired of wasting money on a gym membership you hardly use, feel like you’re wasting time with the commute to and from the gym and are nervous or self conscious about being in a gym atmosphere consider our Online Monthly Membership where everything is done at home.

We have a private, supportive and secure online group to keep you accountable, motivated and interested in your health. This is we offer at home workouts where you won’t need big bulky and expensive equipment.

We also offer nutrition support which includes weekly meal plans, with recipes and grocery shopping lists. All the meals are easy to prepare, gluten free and will help save on money because you know exactly what to buy so you’re not wasting food.

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