Clara Belle

It was an absolute honour and privilege to have the opportunity to interview Clara Belle. After over 5 years on air with Exploring Mind and Body, and the handful of Supporting Local video interviews I’ve done, Clare Bella is easily one of the most interesting guests I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing.

At 94 years old, Clara Belle has stories we don’t hear any more. A perspective that needs to be cherished and not forgotten about. Her name is as beautiful as her story is interesting. From raising a large family, to chicken farming, to going to Olds College; Bella Clare is lovely, entertaining and has a sense of humour you will soon enjoy.

Interview Highlights 

In this interview Clara Belle talks about her large family, her love of Baseball, Technology, Cell phones and Televisions.

I asked Clara Belle about her favourite breakfast meal, what it was like to run a chicken farm and how they got by without the ‘luxuries’ we have today.

Clara Belle was kind enough to give me some personal advice and let me know how wonderful and fulfilling my life would be if I had lots of children.

I asked her if there was anything someone could do to brighten her day and she said, ‘a cheery hello!’

Clara Belle said she’s very fortunate to have such a large family and plenty of visitors that come and see her.

She then talked about a friend she had for 70 years! I asked Clara Belle how she was able to keep a friendship that long. She was also excited to share with me that her friends daughter now continues the relationship after her friends passing.

Clara Belle talks about her experience in going to Olds College after winning a scholarship (and waiting tables for some extra money). She also mentioned what classes she took, homemaking being one of them, and was taught how to do things to keep the home running properly.

Thanks for watching

I want to thank Brenda Wagner for setting up this interview. Brenda is Clara Belle’s Therapy Assistant and friend. You’ll quickly find out and actually see for yourself how Clara Belle’s eyes light up when she talks about Brenda and how much she enjoys her company.

I also want to thank Sunrise Encore for allowing us to come in and put this interview together, and now to be able to share it with you.

Thanks so much for watching, thanks to Clara Belle for coming on for an interview, and thanks for taking the time to spend time with Clara Belle and I.