Coconut Detox to Reduce Stress

A coconut detox to reduce stress may sound odd to some but I’m not sure we realize how much stress we put on our bodies with low quality, well everything. Low quality food, low quality cosmetics, low quality clothing. When we use cheap cosmetics we’re putting tons of toxins both in and on our body which is why I want to bring up the benefits of coconut, how to use it in different ways and how we can benefit from a coconut detox to reduce stress.

When I talk about detoxes I don’t talk about conventional detoxes, if you’ve read any of my other ‘detox’ posts you’d know I don’t exactly believe in them. This post is more about how to avoid toxins and how to use quality substances. So let’s get into it!

In Hair

Many health conscious individuals are transiting from toxic conventional hair substances to actual coconut oil for soft, smooth, shiny hair. I know, seems odd to the average person but what we don’t realize is most conventional substances we put on our hair is terribly toxic. Not an issue you think? It certainly is. Toxins penetrate into our scalp, we breathe toxins in if it comes in a spray and we even absorb toxins through our skin i.e. hands, arms, etc while applying toxic substances.

Here is a fantastic post with more details that talks about what toxins to avoid and what to use called What’s in Your Shampoo Bottle?

On Skin

Did you know you can use coconut oil as a skin moisturizer? That’s right, often we’re putting toxic substances on our skin when we think we’re doing our body good. It’s important to pay attention to all the ingredients on the container that you’re putting both in and on your body.

Coconut oil works wonderful as a moisturizer, it’s smooth and silky, it’s not greasy as you might think and a regular jar seems to last forever. One of my favorite aspects of coconut oil is that many of them come in glass jars which means less waste with plastic containers.

Pay attention to the substances you’re putting on your skin if you’re looking for a coconut detox to reduce stress.

coconut oil for hair and skin
Try coconut oil on your hair and skin to avoid many toxins in conventional cosmetics

To Cook

There are so many fantastic ways to use coconut oil. Stir fry’s are by far my favorite way to use it. You can use coconut oil at high temperatures because it has a high smoke point which makes it perfect to toss in a pan and sauté your vegetables with.

You can also use coconut oil on the BBQ to roast your vegetables in. And don’t worry if you’re not a fan of the coconut flavor, you can buy coconut oil that doesn’t even smell like coconut!

So if you’re looking for a coconut detox to reduce stress look to the oil you are using in your food. Many of us don’t realize most oils are rancid in the store before we even take them home. At other times after we open and store oils they become rancid by keeping them in the cupboard instead of the fridge.

It’s important to understand, rancid oils fills our body with toxins and puts an enormous amount of stress on them.

In Smoothies

Adding coconut oil to smoothies is a great way to consume healthy fats. There are tons of health benefits, in particular if you’re looking for sustainable energy, our body actually burns fat at a sustainable rate to fuel our bodies throughout the day. Don’t avoid quality fats, they are essential to optimum health.


Coconut water is a fantastic way to hydrate your body properly. There are so many toxic pre post workout drinks out there, filled with refined sugar, food coloring and more that put a terrible amount of stress on our bodies. If you want a coconut detox to reduce stress try some coconut water and avoid all those toxins sports drinks.

There are many different ways to purchase coconut water, it’s easy to buy them in a can now at most health food stores and many groceries stores as well. You still need to pay attention to the ingredients because many add sugar and other substances to enhance the flavor.

I’ve recently started to buy whole coconuts because I seem to use them every other way. Below is a picture of a young Thai coconut that I’m absolutely in love with. It’s not as difficult to open as you may think and the water inside is better than anything store bought. After the water inside is gone (I think many actually call it coconut milk), I take a spoon and snack on the inside or ‘meat’ of the coconut.

This young coconut is slightly different than the regular looking brown coconuts with hard insides (or meat). The inside of the young coconut is soft almost like a hard cream that you can scoop out with a spoon. Absolutely delicious and a fantastic way you can use a coconut detox to reduce stress on both your mind and body. And don’t forget about those toxic ‘foods’ we’re used to snacking on. Not the case here.

Coconut detox to reduce stress
Fresh milk from a young coconut is a fantastic way to hydrate your body



And let’s not forget about coconut milk. Many people are finding there’s too much stress on their digestive system with cow’s milk. Personally I enjoy both almond milk and coconut milk for my homemade granola in the morning. If you’re looking for an alternative, have any digestion issues or upset stomach, or even unknown allergies, I highly you recommend coconut milk for a coconut detox to reduce stress on your digestive system.


And lastly, let’s not forget about clothing. We wear dyed clothing all the time, it’s low quality, likely on sale or the cheapest on the shelf and we don’t think about what kinds of toxins we’re absorbing through our skin from it. Not only can we find quality organic clothing through cotton sources now (non-gmo) but we also have clothes made out of hemp and even clothes made out of coconuts!  I recently heard about this cool company that is called Po-Zu which means ‘Pause’ in Japanese. They are ethical and committed to offering quality products that are non toxic to your skin and feet. I love hearing and supporting companies like this. I really think times have changed and we need to start paying attention to every company we support.

It’s unfortunate but we really do have to pay attention to every single thing we consume and put on and in our bodies. Mass production and the only goal of sales has forced us to make a change in our mind set and way of life.  It’s time to make that change together and what a great way to start by a coconut detox to reduce stress on not only our minds and bodies but environment as well.

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All the best in Your Coconut Detox to Reduce Stress!