Detox and Reduce Stress by Reading

Detox and Reduce Stress by Reading

Sounds like an odd combination when I say detox and reduce stress by reading but as you’ll soon find out, you can find many different and valuable benefits to reducing stress and detoxing your body by reading.

Now when I say reading I’m not talking about reading emails on your computer, not even inspirational quotes on your newsfeed. What I’m talking about is picking up a good old fashioned book to get lost in.

Think about all the things that cause more stress in our lives, in fact they cause so much stress we don’t realize things are stressing us out anymore because they’ve become normal. Which doesn’t mean we’re stressed out any less, it just means we don’t notice it anymore.

We have the tv blaring on a consistent basis, not only that but there’s a tv or computer in every room. And when I say tv or computer I’m referring, to an actual tv, tablet, phone, laptop, stationary computer, even those electronic reading tablets.

How often do we actually put ourselves through an electronic detox? Not very often is the answer, many of use haven’t even thought out it. In fact, let’s consider quite the opposite. I’d go as fat to say, the thought of not being near our phone or computer actually puts stress on our minds and bodies.

The truth of the matter is, it’s not normal to be around so many electronics. Our bodies don’t appreciate or ‘accept’ so much saturation in electronics. Which is why we feel better, actually gain energy, inspiration and more when we spend time away from it.

So when I say, get lost in a good old fashion book, I say it that way because few of us still read books anymore. There’s so much information now, there are so many social media platforms that offer works, and picture and knowledge in different ways that picking up a book is rarely on our minds.

So let’s talk about how a good book can actually help your body detox and reduce stress by reading.

The first thing we’re going to do by picking up a book is avoid toxic technology. As much as we need to feel ‘informed’ the news rarely puts us in a good mood. And how about social media with the gossip and other people’s lives we follow? That also rarely does us any good.

So you can reduce stress and detox your mind and body by staying away from all that, at least for the few moments when you pick up a book.

I want you to picture this for a moment. You’ve just come back from a relaxing holiday, you’re coming back into your home feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. On top of that, everything looks just a little different. You see things from a different angle and you like it.

Let’s take a step back now, let’s picture a relaxing vacation by the beach. No appointments, little obligations, you don’t have to be anywhere, you simply wake up relaxed and ready to enjoy the day. You open up your balcony sliding doors and as you look over the beautiful landscape and feel the ocean breeze on your face, you see a park bench over looking the water.

So you grab your hat, sunglasses and the book you’ve been waiting to dive into the last couple weeks you’ve been preparing for your vacation.