We don’t do too many things conventionally. When it comes to oral health I wouldn’t say it’s any different. We take a holistic approach which in many cases may not exactly be mainstream.

For those that haven’t seen the results they’re looking for, which in many cases our Dentist has told us to do since we were kids, maybe try a slightly different approach.

For teeth whitening, sensitive teeth, cavities, pulling toxins, etc. not just for now but for the future I love this combination.

Holistic Approach on Dental Care


  • in the tiny glass jar you’ll find floss (which is also compostable).
  • in the glass cup in the back you’ll find coconut oil (I prefer MCT Oil C8 for added health benefits).
  • 2 capsules of activated charcoal (AC). AC has been used for thousands of years for many different purposes, digestion, skin health and you guessed it, oral health!
  • Tea tree oil (use a good quality EO like Young Living – not from your fav box store).


Dip the floss in tea tree oil for its antimicrobial benefits. I learned this trick from an interview on Exploring Mind and Body that I did with Nadine Artemis who has studied oral health for 30 years.

Then I open up one of the activated charcoal capsules and sprinkle it on the coconut oil. For the next 10 mins I ‘oil pull‘ which is an ancient Ayurveda practice to kill bacteria, reduce bad breath, improve gum health, and with the added activated charcoal – will help pull toxins out of your mouth as well. Think of what you do (or used to do) for 20 secs with Listerine (do they still sell that stuff!?)

*spit this in the toilet bowl when you are done if you aren’t using MCT oil so the cold coconut that hardens doesn’t mess with your pipes (small chance this will happen but you never know).

For teeth whitening, sensitive teeth, cavities, pulling toxins, etc. not just for now but for the future I love this combination.

Repeat this as often as fits into your lifestyle. Personally I aim to follow this process a min of 3X/week. Might seem like a lot of work but more and more research shows your teeth/gums directly linked to your nervous system which is slightly important to your overall health.

bamboo toothbrush

Also I consider this a long term investment. I plan on living a LONG time because of our lifestyle and given that we only get one set of adult Chompers I’d like to keep mine as long as possible.

I do try to floss everyday which ends up being about 5X a week. You could also consider brushing with Turmeric as a natural teeth whitener once a week. Especially important if you’re a wine or coffee drinker which tends to stain the teeth over time.

All the best in YOUR Holistic Dental Care!

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