We often think about toxins we’re putting in our body but how often do we think about toxins we put on our body?  Most of us know our skin is our biggest organ but did you know we can absorb chemicals through our skin faster than by consuming them from food?  

There are tons of chemical in conventional cosmetics, which include everything from toothpaste to deodorant.  Just as the food industry is based around mass production and sales, the cosmetic industry is no different.  Not only do we have  to read the ingredients on food labels but we need to read the ingredients on cosmetic labels as well.

Top 4 Ingredients to Stay Away from:

·         Mineral oil

·         Aluminum chloride

·         Parabens

·         Fluoride

Once again you’ll find these in toothpaste, hairspray, make up, shampoo, soap, ect.  The list goes on, many of these are low quality preservatives and again just like many preservatives are harmful to your body in food, they’re harmful to your body in cosmetics as well.

I always recommend making small changes at a time.  Small changes are sustainable and help you work toward living a Detoxified Lifestyle.  So don’t go in your bathroom and get rid of everything in there.  I understand these products cost money and although it would benefit your health not to use them again it wouldn’t be a change you’ll be able to sustain, plus restocking everything would get costly.  All I want you to do is remove one small item that contains a toxin at a time.  Go ahead and remove something right now.  Don’t think about how much it cost you, don’t think about wasting the product just think about your health and much your body with thank you.

After you remove your first item you should feel liberated, emancipate yourself!  You can set yourself small goals if you like, for example getting rid of an ingredient once a week or once every couple weeks until your bathroom is Detox FREE!

The most important thing is to remember to read the labels next time you visit the store and restock your bathroom shelves.  Understand that quality products cost more money because they aren’t made with the cheapest ingredients around.  Make the investment for your health and you’ll feel rejuvenated after making a higher decision and treating your body the way you should.

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