All Natural Deodorant

All natural deodorants is something I wanted to address in the post because many of us put toxins on our body every day and don’t think about it.  A question that came up inspired by the video I posted where I talk about Detoxifying your Bathroom (shown below).

A friend of mine asked, what all natural deodorants do you use and do they work?  I thought that was an interesting question, ‘do they work?’  It’s a great question and one we should ask ourselves often.  I believe most people walk into a grocery store or pharmacy and grab the cheapest item off the shelf, it doesn’t matter the scent, the brand, what ingredients are in the product or much else more than the price.  We don’t think about what we sacrifice for cheap cosmetics any more than we think about what we sacrifice for cheap quality, highly processed foods.


The truth and short answer is, no not all the ‘all natural deodorants’ I’ve used work if you’re talking about preventing odor from your arm pits.  I’ve had to guess and test a number of times to see what works and what doesn’t.  I think that’s a positive thing though; something that we don’t consider with conventional products filled with toxins.  Usually the smell is so powerful,(the fragrance the product gives off), we can’t smell anything else.  Something else we haven’t thought about concerning what we’re willing to sacrifice is how much damage we are doing to our bodies when using products that ‘work’.  You can bet they work, they have so many chemicals in them how could they not work?  What else they’re doing to your body, there’s a long list of what could potentially happen; there’s a long list of people in the hospital, waiting to get medical attention.  There’s a whole lot of people that feel miserable, have no energy, need medication because of side effects but we don’t think about that.  We think about the price and weather it works or not.


I use a fragrance free, aluminum and paraben free natural deodorant What’s staggering to me is how little thought we put in when it comes to our body.  Let’s take antiperspirant for example.  This product stops your body from sweating, think about that one.  Have you ever used a ‘substance’, drug or product to prevent yourself from blinking, how about breathing.  I’m guessing the answer is no, because it’s natural, this is who we are and this is how we live.  Antiperspirants actually prevent your body from sweating.  Only a chemical can do that, which clogs our pours and causes all kinds of health issues, and how couldn’t it?  We’re supposed to sweat, we need to release toxins, we need to naturally cool our bodies with sweat; what we really need to do is let our bodies be our bodies.
To my surprise I found this crystal that actually works very well that I now use. Because of my concern for the environment I’m always looking do decrease waste (and plastic) in the products I purchase. Our bodies are incredible creations, they were born to last, to live for years, I believe much longer than 70, 80 or 90 but with the way we treat them I don’t know how we get to 50.  I suppose that’s where the rise in conventional medicine comes in.  If we just let our bodies be, if we let them do what they do, live in a natural state and heal like they have for thousands of years we’d be much better off.

Something to think about next time you visit the pharmacy or grocery store and grab whatevers on sale.