Detox and Reduce Stress with Himalayan salt

Top 3 Ways to Detox and Reduce Stress with Himalayan Salt

#1. Salt Lamp

Before we jump into any tips I want to talk about ions. Now I understand this sounds like a boring subject, but stay with me here, this isn’t 10th grade science class that most of us slept through (well at least I did). This is kind of cool and with a little understanding of ions you can actually improve your health.

Many of us don’t realize we are surrounded by positive ions in the atmosphere. The issue is we’re surrounded by technology just about every place we go. The problem is technology like tv’s, computers, microwaves, phones and more give off these positive ions that are detrimental to our health.

Everything from our immune system to our allergies are negatively affected by positive ions. Even higher depression rates are linked to areas with increased positive ions, just as lower depression rates are linked to areas where more negative ions are circulating.

Sure you may think just because more negative ions are found in mountainous areas, beaches and even water falls this could be a coincidence, it could be visual or even the sound making people feel better.

There’s no doubt all these factors could put you in a better mood but we have further evidence from Michael Terman, PhD, of Columbia University in New York who says “The action of the pounding surf creates negative air ions and we also see it immediately after spring thunderstorms when people report lightened moods”.

The study from the Columbia University goes on to explain, “studies of people with winter and chronic depression show that negative ion generators relieve depression as much as antidepressants”.

The good news is if you aren’t close to the beach or mountains, there are ‘negative ion generators’ we can use to balance out the ionic atmosphere. What we want to do is create a negative ionic atmosphere so we can avoid those positive ions that harm our health; we want to replicate the atmosphere just like in the mountains or near a beach.

One of the ways we can create a negative ionic atmosphere is to use Himalayan Salt Lamps. You can keep this near your bed, close to electronics like your tv, even in your bathroom. Remember that we’re looking for negative ions to balance out all the positive ions so I don’t see anything wrong with having a salt lamp in every room, especially given the fact that most of us have electronics in every room.

One of the most beneficial aspects of having a lamp next to your bed is all the positive feedback regarding improved sleep. Regardless of what you believe concerning how ions work in the atmosphere, not too many people could argue the soft light coming from a lit up lamp is relaxing and changes the whole atmosphere of the room.

Think about the opposite, many of us have music blaring or the tv in the background either while we sleep or just before. Why not a try Himalayan Salt Lamp to change the rooms atmosphere in the evening to improve your sleep patterns?

There’s all kinds of different lamps now from ‘prosperity bowls’, to usb plug in lamps that connect right to your computer. Whatever design you choose find something that is relaxing and will put your mind and body at ease.

Detox and reduce stress with Himalayan salt

#2. Nettie Pot

The Nettie Pot is the oldest or the first nasal tool of it’s kind. Nettie actually means ‘nasal cleansing’ in Sanskrit which is where the Nettie pot came from. The first yogis used the Nettie pot to clear their sinuses predominantly for meditation and yoga.

The certainly doesn’t sounds pleasant and it doesn’t feel pleasant the first couple times but you’ll soon experience next to instant results shortly after you use the Nettie Pot.

Personally I use a litre jar and put a few tablespoons of Himalayan salt in the jar to dissolve, after a couple days when I know all the rock salts are dissolved it’s ready to use in my Nettie pot.

I put just a little sea salt water (my creation in the jar) into the nettie pot (about 4 tbsps) then I fill the rest of the Nettie pot with room temperature filtered water.

What you do is tilt your head to the side and pour the Nettie pot into one nostril, after a few seconds you’ll notice the water coming out of your opposite nostril into the sink (this should be done over the sink). Pour half the Nettie pot in one nostril, then switch sides and pour the rest in the other side of your nose.

This doesn’t sound glamorous or all that appealing but as I previously stated you’ll quickly find out how well this tool works.  Have you ever experienced diving through the waves in the ocean, salt water quickly passes through your nose and mouth and even sometimes into your eyes; when you get out you feel fully cleansed and refreshed.

This is how you feel after you use the Nettie pot. It takes roughly 10 minutes for all the water to clear out your nasal cavity, so don’t shy away or be frustrated with a dripping nose or even that you have to blow your nose a few times. Understand you’re doing your body a good thing by getting rid of unwanted build up and clearing out your nasals.

It’s perfect to clear toxins out of your nasals, mucous and more all to help you breath better, detox and reduce stress with Himalayan salt.

#3. Salt Grinder

The last tip is to simply use Himalayan salt for consumption on your food. It always strikes me as odd when I see so many people still using white, bleached, refined table salt. All we’re doing here is marinating our meal in sodium which raises our blood sugar levels and causes us more health issues.

Pink Himalayan salt tastes the same, adds nutrients to your meal and offers your body minerals it wouldn’t normally absorb.  It’s time we stop using so much white salt and switch to an option that will reduce stress on our bodies.

My favourite way to use a Himalayan salt grinder is after my stir fry is cooked. I add Himalayan salt, lemon, oil, pepper and avocado. I don’t always use this same combination but the lemon and Himalayan salt are next to staples for my flavouring.

Detox and reduce stress with Himalayan salt by adding it to your stir fry
Try adding Himalayan salt and other natural additives to flavor your food after it’s cooked.



I know I said my top 3 ways to detox and reduce stress with Himalayan Salt but I wanted to add a couple bonuses to show you there are different ways to use this detoxing product.

Himalayan Salt Bath

Because our skin is our biggest organ, at times we absorb what we put on our skin as quickly as consumption. Not only do we take toxins in through out skin but we can release toxins through our skin as well. You can also detox with exercise to reduce stress and release toxins for your body.

To detox and reduce stress through Himalayan salt regarding a bath I take a similar approach as the Nettie pot. I dissolve my salt rocks in filtered water, pour a hot bath and pour my dissolved salt in the water. You can add essential oils like lavender and even baking soda for a fantastic detoxing bath to reduce stress which is often recommended by David Wolfe.

Remember in this case, not only are we releasing toxins but we’re absorbing the minerals through our skin that Himalayan salt has to offer.

Feet and Hands Detoxer

And the last resource I want to share with you to help you detox and reduce stress with Himilayan Salt is a hand and foot detoxer. I recently heard about this product from MAK Mystic Expressions and I have to say, especially for those of us that live in countries with long, cold winters, this product is genius!

The benefits to warm your hands and feet alone on this detoxifier is worth considering. Imagine coming home from a frosty day and placing your feet on one of these to warm up while you sip tea and read a book.

Have circulation problems with your hands, why not warm them and get the blood flowing through your finger tips on a natural resource like Himalayan Salt? Course we could also go back to improving the ions in the air and also how we absorb through our skin.

hand and foot detoxifier
Foot and Hand Detoxifier from MAK Mystics


There are so many ways to detox and reduce stress with Himalayan salt. The best thing you can do is start somewhere. Find some quality pink salt and try some of your food, then you can dissolve salt and try a wonderful detoxing salt bath. Baby steps are sustainable steps and if you really want to move forward in improving your health and living a Detoxified Lifestyle that’s the best way to do it.

You can take bigger steps later like buying yourself a Nettie pot and then cleansing your nasals but remember there is no substitute for action.

And if you need to reset your system and you’re looking for some help nutrition wise, we put together a 7 day meal plan along with short videos and bonus material to help you properly and safely detox your body.

More details here.