Detoxing Hard Metals With Chlorella

This is our seafood pasta which I absolutely love. Even though we don’t eat seafood all that often, I still very much enjoy it from time to time.

Detoxing Hard Metals With Chlorella

Scallops and shrimp in white sauce and pasta, yes please! What many people don’t know is, most (meaning all) seafood will contain at least some form of hard metals. The bigger the fish, the longer they live and the more hard metals they consume in the oceans – because we care so deeply for them (yes, I’m being sarcastic ;)).

The problem is, as we consume foods with hard metals our bodies have a hard time removing those hard metals so they accumulate. The more hard metals, the more damage our body takes at the cellular level.

In fact it’s my personal opinion that many major dis-ease is built up over the years of hard metal consumption that doesn’t have a way to be released.

A couple supplements that can help with detoxing hard metals is Charcoal and Chlorella.

Some people avoid charcoal because of medication, not knowing you can still take both just at different times of the day. In this case Chlorella is the better choice because you can still take it close to medication without causing any issues. However if you have any real concerns about this you should consult with your physician.

So even if you don’t want to take charcoal, and even if you’re not going to take Chlorella on a regular basis, at the very least you should consider taking chlorella before and after you consume seafood.

It doesn’t matter if it’s fish, mussels, shrimp, etc. if it comes from the ocean your body needs help detoxing hard metals and chlorella is a great place to start.