Does anyone actually use flyers?

Does anyone actually use flyers? Seriously though. I mean I don’t so I feel like they’re a giant waste of money. But I suppose just because I don’t doesn’t mean others don’t.

They go straight from my mailbox into the recycling bin. Kinda like the newspaper, even though I called and asked them numerous times to stop delivering it because we don’t use it. I thought it would save them some money not having to print an extra newspaper that no one will ever read. So now we use it to start fires when camping, so I suppose it has some sort of use.

But the whole flyer thing on the advertising side. I suppose we get grocery store flyers, but most flyers are these terribly unhealthy pizza/fast food ads that we’re not interested in, but I guess everyone is different. If you eat pizza on a regular basis maybe you’re looking forward to the sales that come in the mailbox on Thur/Fri afternoons.

I can’t help but think, is it a waste of money and only done ‘because that’s how it’s always been done’ kinda like paying for advertising in the yellow pages. Or is there actually some benefit to it?

Maybe we should try it ourselves to find out….

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