Spirulina and Chlorella: Tabs vs Capsules

We get messages all the time for different reasons, in particular from people that don’t love to swallow pills. Personally I’d prefer something like liquid mag myself or even a powder in a smoothie. 

But we understand some prefer pills for different reasons, even though they don’t love swallowing them. I remember when I was in college and I was in a different type of supplement world. We took these giant amino acid pills that looked like they were more for horses than humans ;). 

I’m not sure that has to do with anything over than the size of our green tabs. If you look at the comparison between our tabs and 2 other capsules, you’ll notice our tabs are very small in size, which makes them much easier to swallow. 

This would be particularly ideal for those that don’t enjoy swallowing regular size capsules (or pills). 

We recommend taking 5-10 tabs a day of each chlorella and spirulina. They both have different benefits which is why we take spirulina in the morning for an energy boost and early afternoon to help with mental clarity. 

And chlorella is binding and detoxing so we take those later in the day and before bed (separate from activated charcoal). This is ideal if you aren’t feeling well, ate something you shouldn’t or enjoyed too many appies at wing night. 

With 40 vitamins and minerals these are our multivitamin jam packed with nutrients and each have one single ingredient which is food, not a ‘supplement’. Because they are food and highly nutritious and bioavailable, they are safe for kids to take. 

If you have any questions about our greens at all please let us know. 

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