Does it get any easier?

Does it get any easier?

I often get this question….”Does it get any easier? Does health and fitness, do the workouts, food prep, and living this ‘lifestyle’ ever stop feeling like a constant effort?”

My answer is, absolutely, it does. The difficult part isn’t the first couple weeks when you see results, it’s not even the next couple months when this health journey is still new (and partly exciting). Many of us have been through those 21 day ‘fixes’, weekend fasts or multi level products that promise to help you drop weight (and they do). But what happens after that? How do we keep results, how do we stay motivated, and will I ever actually enjoy doing this?

The reason I preach lifestyle is because lifestyle is exactly what we need to find sustainable results. Having supportive people in your life that will push you to the next level, that will carry you and hold your hand is essential during the difficult times and throughout the rest of your life as you continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

Taste buds do change, which is why it’s important to have an open mind, continue to try new foods and give your mind and body a chance at finding something new it likes as it continues to adjust to different foods.

Workouts get easier, but then you change them and they’re hard again, but you continue to change them knowing this is how you continue to get results. And sooner than later workouts don’t seem like a chore you actually start to enjoy them, you find like minded people you can talk to about them, then you start going together which reinforces your lifestyle changes.

This isn’t the Disney love story that offers false information explaining how wonderful your fitness life will be without any work, without any challenges, without the struggle and constant effort no matter what relationship with your spouse or your fitness love (or love hate :)).

This is the truth, these are the facts. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, because of our society, because of how good refined sugar tastes and how good food coloring and msg makes it look; because ‘convenience’ of fast food and microwaves make unhealthy choices easier….

This will take time, it will take effort, but without a doubt it does get easier, and my hope is that you’ll carry on in your journey understanding it will take time and effort but it will also be worth it.

Without a doubt, once you feel what it’s like to have a restful nights sleep, to function at an optimal level, to have more natural energy than you know what to do with….You’ll fall in love with your health and know….without a doubt, it’s worth it.