Evolving Beyond the Gym: The Journey from Personal Trainer to Online Coach

I think most of us, in the professional position I’m in today, started in a gym. I don’t love the title, personal trainer. I’m not sure I ever did, but that’s where I started, far before this online fitness world was a thing. Someone takes a weekend course, can snap their fingers almost overnight and become ‘certified’. And they wonder why the turnover is so high.

I jumped on a call with another coach just the other day, we talked about the industry, how it’s evolving, and how it has over the years. That got me thinking about where I started, where I am now, and how I got here.

They asked me if I had any in person clients, I said no, I haven’t done that for years. They said why not. The first thing that came to mind, ‘I never enjoyed standing there counting to 12 for an adult’. It felt like a waste of time.

And here’s the thing. IT WAS. That’s a tough mind set to break because to this day, people message asking if I’ll do personal training sessions with them. And don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and place for that. But the VAST majority of people only Think they need an in person, personal trainer because of:

A. Many grew up in a world where ‘that’s where you get the best results’

B. The industry sold you on why you need one.

C. We’ve never tried a different way, so we don’t have experience in something else that works (and works better).

8 yrs ago when I took the leap to go 100% online (minus the sports conditioning I did with teams) I was terrified. It wasn’t much of a thing, in fact I hardly knew anyone else that was doing it.

The problem was I found SO many holes in the conventional personal training that is still going on today. I certainly don’t feel that industry will make it through the test of time. And probably for good reason.

As a personal trainer, we had very little time to go over nutrition during our sessions. It was hard to get the client to workout on their own because they became dependent on you standing there. There’s lack of community being two of you standing there once or twice a week.

And because of how the industry works, pay grade, what gyms charge, etc. it was nearly impossible to make a career out of that job without running myself into the ground working long hours, early in the morning before everyone goes to work, late in the evening when people get off work and weekends as well.

On top of that I was so drained I could hardly do my job, from having to take as many clients as possible, strung out and exhausted on a regular basis.

My world changed when I took the leap of faith and hung up my in person, personal trainer hat, and stepped into the online world of coaching. And so did so many others because I could help More people on a Deeper level filling all the holes I saw in what I was doing or what I felt I was expected to do as a personal trainer.

Instead of counting reps, I was designing meal plans. Instead of driving to the gym, I was building a community. Instead of wasting an hr because my client didn’t show or canceled at the last min, I was checking in and reaching out to dozens of my clients making sure they’re on track.

In one LIVE training I could teach all of them, in one post I could inspire and motivate a large group. It doesn’t seem like much now but as you can tell, I remember very clearly how at that time we could only help one person at a time. And that’s not to say we don’t do individual coaching calls, meal plans or workouts still today.

I’m saying we can now offer a Ton more value than we ever could before. And that’s why I’m entirely biased from how it used to be, and how we coach today which is 100X better than standing in a gym, waiting for equipment, just to count the next rep, when we can offer SO much more to our clients.

If you’d like to workout in the comfort of your own home, if you haven’t had a coach before and are ready for a different way to see results, likely because past experiences hasn’t show you what you were looking for anyways, we’re here to help.

Send us a DM today, and let’s get the conversation started!

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