First Impressions Always Last

Just this morning, I was walking by a business and I remembered what happened probably five or six years ago. But still, this stuck with me. And that’s going to be my message here at the end. So here’s what happened: A new business came into town and I know how difficult it is to be the new person. I know how difficult it is to get up, established and running at this time. I’ve been in town for at least five, six years and I started to develop an audience and a customer base. So I thought maybe I can help this person out. 

So I messaged them. I said, ‘Hey, welcome to town. I’d like to come in and do a little video with you, a supporting local video. I’ll throw it up on my social media, introduce you to my audience, and hopefully we can get some traffic going for you right away.’ And they said, ‘Fantastic’, we set a date, I packed up my DSLR camera, I’m all ready to go, excited to meet this person and share them with the community. 

And what happened is they didn’t show up. They didn’t. I could not imagine not showing up. So here’s my message, even when I go by the business or I hear the business name, I’m like, Hmm, and it’s not that I’m not angry or jaded. It was a long time ago. 

And so I messaged them and I said, ‘Hey, you know what happened? We’re supposed to have this. We’re supposed to get together.’ They didn’t even apologize. They didn’t sound like they were regretful at all. It was just, ‘yeah, I got busy and I couldn’t make it.’ And I thought, if you don’t show up for something like that, You’re going to show up for your people?. Are you going to show up for your customer base? Now my reputation is on the line to recommend this individual. 

Make sure when you’re meeting someone, you put in that extra effort because people will never forget their first experience with you. My point here is that first impressions always last. So make sure you put in that extra effort, especially if you’re trying to work on any type of relationship, especially if you’re trying to work together with business and establish yourself regardless of what kind of relationship it is. Those first impressions will stick with people forever.