Full Body Beach Workout While on Vacation

This Full Body Beach Workout While on Vacation is perfect while you are traveling to a tropical area. All you need is sand, palm trees and a little ocean to complete this one! Honestly though, you can do this Full Body Beach Workout While on Vacation anywhere.

You don’t need equipment, other than maybe a yoga mat for comfort. You only need a small space and you can get this done in 20-30mins of your time. And if you’re away on vacation, get up a little early and enjoy the entire beach to yourself!

Energize your body, feel great and crush your goals with this full body beach workout!

Here is your full write up for the Full Body Beach Workout While on Vacation. Remember to take it slow, we have reps below, you’re working towards 2-3 sets. Once you feel comfortable push yourself and keep those results coming even while you’re away from the ordinary!

Set #1

• Plank- knee to elbow (12-15 reps / side)
• Bicycles (20-30 seconds)
• Sumo squats (20-30 seconds)

Full Body Beach Workout While on Vacation 

Set #2

• Full v-ups (12 -15 reps)
• Side leg lifts (8 reps / side)
• Plank reaches (8 -10 reps / side)

Set #3

• Under the fence or Dive Bombers (10 reps)
• Crab toe touches (12-15 reps / side)
• Side touches (12-15 reps / side)

Warm Up / Cool Down

It’s important to warm up for 5-10 minutes. This could include a nice easy jog on the beach or to the beach. Anything from jumping jacks to running on the spot to break a sweat will do.

And lastly be sure to cool down properly as well. Maybe a few stretching exercises and a nice walk home from the beach would be a good idea to flush out that lactic acid and bring your heart rate back down.

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Are you away?!

Let us know in the comments below where you are doing this exercise or where you are planning on going! We’d love to hear from you. And remember, just because you’re going away doesn’t mean you can’t keep working towards your health and fitness goals!

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