Fit for a Queen: Princess Diana’s Nutrition and Exercise Secrets

Who wouldn’t want to live Royally? We thought it might be fun to share with you Princess Diana’s Nutrition and Fitness Secrets, so we did some research and this is what we found.

It was no secret that Princess Diana paid attention to her health. Being in the public eye it was important to be fit and healthy, not to mention the millions that wanted to act , look and be just like her. I couldn’t imagine the amount of pressure she’d have on her image alone.

So if you want to be more ‘royal’ and learn more about Princess Diana’s Nutrition and Fitness Secrets we’ve broken it down for you.


The importance of morning routines is well know by many successful people. Princess Diane is no acception. She started her day out with warm water and lemon which is a great way get your digestion system ready for food.

Lemon and water is also alkalizing which helps your body stay strong and healthy. We want our bodies to be in an alkaline state instead of an acidic state. Unfortunately many of walk around in an acid state because of our diets.

Red meat, processed food, alcohol, tobacco and even coffee puts our body in an acidic state which means we have to work extra hard to neutralize our bodies and return them to a more natural state of alkalizing.

Favourite Meal Ideas

It is said that Princess Diana avoided red meat unless it was a special occasion. From her own personal chef (O’Grady) we found this quote: “For (Diana’s) potatoes, I’d parboil them and toss in egg whites and paprika. She’d cut out the fat so it was always poached chicken, no skin, no fatty potatoes,” (Source).

Her favorite juices were a mixture of organic cucumber, beetroot, celery, or carrot and apple. Diana believed that this fresh mixture of fruits are very healthy and good for detoxing and that it will help keep the liver function properly. (Source)

Stuffed Peppers were also a favourite of Princess Diana’s, we actually have our own True Form twist on this veggie stuffed pepper recipe!


We all know that exercise is the #1 way to reduce stress, think about how stressful our daily lives are, could you imagine what it’s like to be a princess!?

That’s why Princess Diana exercised in different ways throughout the week. Aerobics was a big thing in the 90’s which is why Princess Diana did aerobics 3X per week.

Here’s a fun Aerobic video, you might enjoy picturing Princess Diane wearing her bright coloured spandex getting her aerobics on like this video below.

We talked about morning routines as well earlier and how important they are. When in London, she was fortunate to have the big expanse of Kensington Gardens close to her home in Kensington Palace. She could frequently be seen, though she often went unrecognized, jogging along the paths at a good steady pace at around nine in the morning.

And finally to keep her waste line and incredible figure, Princess Diana performed a series crunches in the evening at home.

Drinking lemon water in the morning isn’t the only way to get your body ready for breakfast in the morning. We can also prepare our body for food in the morning and help improve digestion with fermented foods!

Kombucha is one of our favourite ways to do this. We put together a 2 part series video workshop that you can access HERE.