TTR #9: Getting Faster with Age

I started running my sophomore year in high school for Carson back in 1990. That was cuz I was to small to play basketball dnd football. So I joined the cross country team. After the season was over. I told my coach I was going to try out for baseball.

So no track for me. He told me no that he sees something in me and that I needed to run track. So needless to say I ended up running track and I loved it. So I ended up running cross country and track all 3 years in high school.

My highlight in high school was qualifying for the state meet my senior year in the 800m run. After high school I went on to run for El Camino college for 1 and half years. Then I stop to work full time as a longshoremen. I found myself working double shifts to save money to buy a house. So I had no time to run, my choice of course. I was 25 years old.

When I bought my house in Carson, CA. I got married at age 31 and had my first son at age 32. Two years later I had another son. Being married with kids my running career was over. In October 2015 I was separated and going through a divorce. In January 2016 I decided to pick up running again. It really helped me mentally with all the stress of a divorce.

I running with South Bay Runners Club in January 2017. Since then I’ve met so many awesome people in the club. While training with them. My running career has taken with flying colors and I’m close to running the times I ran in high school. A lot of my running success has come from training under Cheyne Inman.

He’s given me the confidence and encouragement to run more miles. Than I could only dream of. His coaching produced a personal record at Mountains 2 Beach marathon with a time of 2:38:57. Which was fast enough for 2nd place overall finish.