I thought this was worth sharing. Given that we’re environmentally conscious and try to save not just money on shipping but the environment whenever we can.
It’s not only the cost of shipping but it’s the cost of materials like boxes, packing tape, ‘peanuts’ and broken bottles that we have to consider into shipping costs. We have to do everything we can to package our Magnesium in glass bottles accordingly so they don’t break.
We needed some extra materials for our latest box to ship out and our neighbours just bought a bench for the backyard.
The were going to throw it away so I asked if I could use some of the styrofoam for our packaging. Course they didn’t have a problem with it. It was headed to the landfill anyways.
I highly dislike styrofoam to begin with because of how it biodegrades (or doesn’t rather). But we were able to get some extra use out of it in this case.
Fingers crossed our box gets across the boarder in one piece!

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