Graphite Glitter

We’ve got another supporting local video coming at you with Kristin Whitlow from Graphite Glitter. The reason I put these videos together is because more than ever I believe we need to come together and support those in our communities. We need to raise awareness, share the word and support our neighbours, friends and family that are trying to make a living doing what they love.

In this short video Kristin talks about the importance of supporting local to her, what customer service means and the cool things she’s doing and turned into a business with furniture and other things some might throw away.

If you’d like audio format only or if you’d like to download the audio you can do so by using the link below. And please consider using the share buttons to let you friends know what an awesome business Kristin has going on!

If you know anyone that might be a good fit to feature next on our supporting local videos please leave their business name in the comments area below.