Healthy Lifestyle Coaching with Dorothy

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching with Dorothy focuses on transforming your current way of living into one that is full of healthy eating, exercise and healthy minds. Each program is customizable to you and where you are at on your journey.

A little about Dorothy…

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching with Dorothy

Dorothy Keith aka Snurtle, which is a cross between a snail and turtle, is known for the opposite of her cat like reflexes and has a laugh that will brighten anyone’s day. You can catch her on the D&D Morning show which she loves dearly. This is where her true colours shine as she entertains, often laughs so hard she snorts, and educates her audience in a way like no other.

She can relate to your worst day, is open, honest and offers real life suggestions and ideas on how you can improve your lifestyle by taking it one step at a time.

As a grade 1 teacher, Dorothy’s love of teaching is hard to hide. She now has taken that love of teaching and her passion for nutrition and fitness to help teach people all over the world what it takes to find that energized vitality we’re all looking for.

Dorothy often appears as expert guest on the Nationally Syndicated radio show Exploring Mind and Body , she helps facilitate True Form’s Monthly Membership group, and plays a key role in meal planning for the group and her coaching clients.

And finally she’s a magician in the kitchen specializing in healthy baking. With her magical powers, she’s able to turn any ‘unclean’ dish into a healthy, tantalizing meal, that is easy to prepare with simple ingredients.

Check out her past interviews on Exploring Mind and Body or tune in to True Form’s Weekly D&D Morning Show to laugh along with her as she both brightens your day and helps you learn how to find that energized life you’re looking for!

Dorothy’s Philosophy

Dorothy’s philosophy on healthy living was  developed from her own experience. After years of fad diets, quick fixes, powders and pills with no sustainable results she realized that this was not the way to go. Sustainable results comes from hard work over time.

Dorothy believes in setting goals and embracing each change you make as part of a  journey towards a new healthier you. Her teaching is grounded in making small progressive changes. You will learn to leave the all or nothing attitude behind and commit to lasting change.

Dorothy focuses on a healthy body through eating whole foods and exercise but also a healthy mind. This is achieved through creating routines, breathing exercises, journaling and much more.

Dorothy’s Experience and Accomplishments

Dorothy started her own personal journey years ago with TrueForm. Simultaneously she learned how to make small progressive changes to her diet and exercise regime to achieve sustainable results through healthy lifestyle changes.

She equally enjoys running and working out. She has trained for fitness competitions, half marathons, triathlons and many fun runs including her most recent Spartan Race.

Dorothy continues to learn about food and creates and develops weekly recipes on True Forms Blog. Dorothy hosts a show called “Cooking with Dorothy” where is teaches how to make easy, quick, healthy meals. Dorothy is also a co-host on the “D & D Morning Show” with Drew Taddia where they discuss how to improve your health.


What you get from Healthy Lifestyle Coaching With Dorothy

Dorothy will:

-Help you set goals

-Guide you in creating your own healthy routines

-Teach you how to meal plan and grocery shop

-Teach you about food

-Show you how to exercise when you have very little time

-Set you up for success

-Support you every step of the way

-Be there when you need her

 A testimonial from Dallas

My experience with Dorothy’s coaching was amazing. She’s very encouraging and positive. She made suggestions for me to make my meal prep and workouts easier to fit in to my daily life. Dorothy wants us all to succeed and feel good about our life choices. I know if I’m ever in need of her services again that she will be there to help me. Thank you for assisting me in my journey and supporting me in my decisions.

A testimonial from Kayla

I Love working with Dorothy and besides being an amazing person, she is an amazing coach. When you think of fitness trainers and coaches, for some people including myself all those things can be so daunting and scary. Scared to fail, scared to be judged, scared to waste money and not follow through. But what Dorothy brings to the table is a whole new ballgame. She brings forward step by step motivation and support. No judgment! I have been with TrueForm for 2 months now and even though most days lately, between stress at home and my baby, and day to day life I haven’t followed my plan, I’m not afraid to come to Dorothy to tell her what is going on and assess my problem areas with her so I can work towards my eventual goal of healthy living. Not just jumping and falling, but by building life long habits. The bonds and relationship you can build with Dorothy are definitely not something you can get anywhere else, and that’s what sets her apart from other trainers and coaches. She is able to take you step by step and get you where you want to be.

A testimonial from Cori

A couple months ago I decided I needed to make some changes to the way our family was eating and how we were thinking about food. I realized as a mom of 3, that I was modelling eating habits and food choices for my children that I wasn’t necessarily ok with having them carrying through their lives.
Food has always been a low priority for me, and it’s honestly not something I gave much thought to until I started to consider the fact that food is ultimately what we fuel our bodies with and how our body is able to take care of itself. I was completely overwhelmed at the idea of changing our eating habits when I approached Dorothy for help.
I felt like I didn’t know where to start or what our needs were, so how could I explain it to her. She helped me start super small and built up my confidence that I could actually make these sustainable changes. Before long I had broken one of my worst habits of skipping breakfast. And shortly after that I was managing to prepare at least 3 dinners a week that were wholesome and full of new ingredient I hadn’t known how to use in the past.
Dorothy listened to my feedback when something didn’t go well and she adapted our plans as we went each week. We are a VERY busy little family on the go and she was fantastic at rolling with our lifestyle and still finding ways to help me make it happen!
I am so thankful for her help over these last few months. She has taught me that small sustainable changes are always the most successful and that it is totally worth it to begin this process no matter how slow it may seem at the beginning. Process over perfection! If I can do this anyone can!
Thank you Dorothy!

Free 30 minute session

If you would like to try a FREE 30 minute session with Dorothy you can contact her my e-mail at She would LOVE to hear from you!

Below are customized pay buttons. We strongly encourage you to se up a time to talk with Dorothy so she can recommend which payment scale is best for you, before you decide to purchase:


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