How Structured Thinking Leads to Success in Health and Wellness


Confused? Hang with me for a min and let me explain because this could be helpful for people that aren’t just teachers and nurses but those that are very structured in parts of their life. 

Let’s take teachers for example. They are very structured in what they do. They have a lesson plan, they have a schedule, they know what they are doing from one moment to the next.

Their entire day is planned around schedules. Morning attendance, recess, lunch, etc. 

We see nurses are very similar in their structured days. And that’s not to say these are the ONLY types of people that are structured, these ones just tend to stand out because we’ve worked with both many times now and in the past. 

When we sat down and designed our Metabolism Accelerator Program (MAP) we asked ourselves, how can we make this a simple as possible to follow? How can we create a step by step plan that, if followed we could almost guarantee success.

And that’s exactly what we did and that’s why we call it our MAP program, because it’s a MAP to your success. There’s no guess work, there’s no wondering, there’s only clear steps of exactly what you need to do.

In fact, we’ve taken all of the speedbumps out of way from what we heard where clients have struggled in the past. 

Not sure what to eat? We provide a full meal plan of exactly what to eat.

Not sure how many cals you should be having in a day? We count those for you. 

Not sure what to buy? We provide a grocery shopping list for you. 

Not sure how to prepare the meals? We provide recipes. 

Not sure what workout to do? We design those too.

Not sure how to do an exercise? We have a video library that explains every single exercise you could imagine. 

What’s the shortest distance between 2 points? It’s a straight line.

If you’re someone that can follow instructions, if you’re someone that needs or wants exactly what to do laid out for them. I’m not sure there’s a better program out there for you. 

This isn’t a guess and test program. You’re not our guinea pig to see is this works. We know for a fact, without question. If you jump in with two feet, if you can follow directions, and come with an open mind. You’ll not only see results but you’ll be shocked how easy it can be, by simply following our MAP that’s laid out for you. 

If you’re a structured individual, or at least ‘can be’ in certain areas of your life, there’s a very good chance the only thing you’re lacking is a plan laid out for you. 

Shoot us a private message if you feel like you’re a structured person that can follow a plan to see Max results! 

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