Ice Cream for $1!?

So we drove by this cute little convenience store, and on the side of the building it had a sign that said ice cream was only $1. Yes we like ice cream too 😉.

So we stopped, went inside and what did we find? We found that there was only 1 kind of ice cream that was $1. The lady said, ‘just so you know, the vanilla ice cream is the only one for $1, and it’s $1 per scoop’. I said, ‘where is the vanilla ice cream, I don’t see it’.

She says, ‘oh, well actually we’re out of it’. I thought that was odd. I like marketing, and I really like good marketing. But this wasn’t. I mean sure, they got us in the store and they got a sale but deception or shady marketing turns me off, and I’m guessing it turns other people off as well.

I wouldn’t go back to that particular store because I don’t feel they were honest with what they were offering. It should have said Vanilla Ice cream is $1. And if that was the sale, it should have been removed once the offer was sold out.

No, we’re certainly not perfect, far from it. But we advertise and work towards transparency and honesty. Our goal is to find customers for life. And that means offering products and services good enough that people want to keep coming back.

Our goal is never ‘just to make sale’ regardless of how shady it may be. I’m hoping that shows in everything that we do.

If it doesn’t, we’re most certainly doing something wrong….

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