Everybody gets a message! Well maybe not everyone. Those in our Fit Fam hear from us a couple times a day so maybe that’s enough ๐Ÿ˜‰.

And if you just put in an order, we don’t message right away. But rest assured, you’ll get a message from us sooner or later. Why? Because we care and because we can.

Do big companies care? Not really, they’re likely just looking for another sale. Can big companies send you a personalized message, sure they could pay someone to but it would be very hard for a big company to send everyone a message if they have hundreds of thousands of customers.

But this is how we stand out and it’s who we’ve become over the years. If we don’t have customer service, we have nothing. If we don’t have quality products, it’s time for us to find a different profession.

Not everyone answers our messages. Especially if they don’t know us well, they likely feel we’re just trying to make another sale. Maybe not everyone wants to hear from us or wants to talk to us, and that’s okay. The truth is, we really do want to know how products are going, if they are helping.

We really do want to know how your day is going and if we can improve it, even with a simple message to show that we care. Relationships are important to us, why wouldn’t they be? Without you, we wouldn’t be able to fulfill our purpose and do what we love.

We should care, in fact more businesses should care about their customers, who help them stay open and help them pay their bills. So we’ll continue to message people, we’ll continue to show we care in every way we can think of.

We’re always here if you need to send a message to someone that’ll listen. It’s not just about products, we’re human beings trying to make it just like everyone else in this world. But if you have product questions concerns we’re always here for that too.

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