Importance of Leaving a Review on iTunes

There’s no question iTunes isn’t the easiest platform to leave a review, so if you’re not sure how, you aren’t alone. In this post I’ll offer a short explanation of the importance of a review and then we’ll talk about how to do it which will include a couple short and easy videos to follow.

Giant Search Engine 

What many don’t realize is, iTunes is like a giant search engine. It’s no different than ‘google’ or ‘yahoo’ when you’re looking for information. If you type ‘how to’ in the search bar for example, the posts that come up the most are the ones that are used the most. It’s almost like back in high school, when you’re popular because everyone knows you (it may not have anything to do with the person actually being ‘cool’.)

The more clicks on a post, the more it’s shared and used the higher the post moves up in rankings which gives it a better chance to be seen when someone enters in keywords.

This is no different with iTunes and the precise reason there is an over encouragement in ‘podcasting’ to get the listener to subscribe, and leave a review.

Odd Ranking System 

iTunes does have it’s own ranking system, one that I’m not sure anyone is clear on but there are a few things we are sure of. The more a show is downloaded, the more a show is ‘rated and reviewed’ and the more a show is subscribed to, the more popular it becomes which means the higher up it moves in rankings.

So for example, if someone types in ‘health and fitness show’ when they are searching for a podcast in iTunes, if a show has a ton of reviews, subscribers and downloads, that show will pop up on the first page. If a show doesn’t pop up on the first page there’s a good chance people won’t find it.

Why is this important 

There are two different types of podcasters. There are podcasters that put up their shows for fun and there are podcasters that do this as a job or as part of their job. If they are doing this for fun, they still want to know people are listening to what they are saying.

About 98% of hosts do this to help people, it could be for comedy, it could be self help, it could even be music, regardless people want to help people. So when someone sits down and puts all the work and effort in it takes to run a show, they want to know someone is listening and that they are helping.


Running a business

If you are doing this for a business there’s a good chance there are products being recommended before, during or after a show. And on the other end there are sponsors that may possibly be a different business paying for ad spots on a show.

In both cases, the more downloads, the more listens the more opportunity to sell products or to gain sponsors. As you can see there are benefits to having more reviews, subscriptions and downloads coming from every angle.

Help Support your favourite show

Clearly we can tell or understand that those big name figures who have thousands or millions of followers get many more reviews, downloads and listens from their fans, which is exactly why you see them at the top of the charts in iTunes.

This doesn’t mean your vote doesn’t count, in fact even if you aren’t buying products or have no interest in sponsored ads you can still help support your favourite show. You can still show that you care and you can still make a difference and keep your show and host coming back week after week. And you can even give your show and host the ability to compete with giants in the industry by taking some time to review.

By leaving a simple review you can make your hosts entire day, week or month. For example, it literally excites me to hear feedback about Exploring Mind and Body (EM&B). I understand reviews can be challenging at times and I understand that particular person took the time out of their day to sit down and write something meaningful.

These reviews make it so much worth producing a show, coming up with content and sharing it through out the week. So if you have left a review for our show, I can’t thank you enough.

What should the review say?

The short answer is, ‘whatever you want’. That’s the truth of it. Some people are worried they don’t have the right words, we’re worried it won’t sound great, that people ‘won’t approve’, or that whatever we say won’t be good enough.

Truth of the matter is, whatever you say will be more than appreciated. iTunes doesn’t even care how long your review is, as long as there is a review left. I guarantee the shows host will be more than grateful you left a review at all let alone what it said, how long it was or how good it was.

Personally a short reviews means as much to me as a long review. Of course those that sit down and write a heartfelt message turn this into something special. But again, that’s not necessary, and I’m sure what prevents many from leaving a message at all is not knowing how to leave a long detailed write up. So don’t feel like you have to.

Here are a couple screen shots, a short review and a longer one:

screenshot-2016-09-10-09-10-01 screenshot-2016-09-10-09-10-23

If you are a guest on EM&B

If you are a guest on the show it also benefits you to leave a review because once again, the more reviews the more ability there is for more people to hear your show. This is our process with guests.

We take a screen shot of your review and post it on a future blog post for the show, it also goes on our social media pages (please feel free to leave your business name in the review to help market yourself). And lastly, we’ll mention your name and your review on the previous show (on the show before yours), which will give you another name mention and get listeners ready and interested for your topic to air.

So as a guest, the benefits of leaving a review will have your name mentioned 3 times which will give you more exposure, more name mentions and listeners looking forward to your interview before and interested in listening after. Because of the added exposure I’m always beside myself when there is reluctance especially coming from a guest to leave a short review.


Leave a review from a computer

If you are on a computer this is how you can access the show and leave a review. Something that is worth mentioning that may seem like comment sense to some: You do need to be logged in to your iTunes account to leave a review, which means you’ll need to know your user name and password. If you don’t have one it’s simple to set one up for free, and if it’s not so simple for you any grandchild, nephew or your own child under the age of 18 can do it for you in likely less than 4 minutes.

And here is how to leave a review on an App with your phone:

Thanks so much for checking out this post, I truly hopes it gives you a better idea of the importance of leaving a review on iTunes for your favourite shows, and I hope the explanations were clear as well on how to do that.

If you have any suggests that may help please feel free to leave them in the comments ares below.

If you are interested in leaving a review for our App we also have some free gifts to give away as a thank you which can be found here.