Running for Rozina Half Marathon Finish!

I couldn’t be more proud and excited to share with you how the Running for Rozina Campaign went for the actual half marathon.

If you haven’t read in a past post Rozina suddenly passed away on Christmas Eve of last year which was more than a shock to so many that was a part of her life. Dorothy being so close to Rozina wanted to do something special, as did her brother Shawn.

Dorothy and Shawn both set out to train and run the Canmore Half Marathon. It was gruelling training program that lasted over 12 weeks and had them running 3-5 days a week up to 16km at a time. (On a personal note, being so close to Shawn and Dorothy, and feeding off of their inspiration, I ran more long distances over these past 12 weeks than I have in my entire life (and I didn’t run near as much as these two)).

If you’d like the full story you’ll find more details here. Or you can listen to the interview with Dorothy as she talks about Running For a Purpose:

On to the weekend 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so here are a few pictures from the weekend I thought you may like to see.

The beautiful rocky mountains

There wasn’t snow when we arrived but there was snow the morning we woke up right before the run.

img_6866Pre Run Meal

I don’t believe in carb loading but I do believe in quality nutrition. We had a beautiful veggie stir fry the night before.


Prepping clothes and hydration for the big day!


Headed to the start line

img_6818 img_6824

And they’re off!


And the big finish!



Raising Money

Together Dorothy and Shawn raised over $3,000 for the Alberta Children’s Hospital! There’s still time to donate if you’d like to help out.

Dorothy’s page can be found here and Shawn’s page can be found here.

*Either donation will go to the same place.