In an instant, if we chose to stick together, if we chose the hard road, just for a moment to go against the narrative no matter how uncomfortable. If we stuck together just for a moment that may seem like a lifetime. All this madness would go away. 

If we ignored the segregation the media is pushing, if we used our own intuition, if we followed what we know is right, we could make this disappear. 

Of course the problem is, not everyone believes what they are doing is wrong. Not everyone believes you shouldn’t lose your job if you refuse medication. And there’s still a good number of people that actually believes you shouldn’t be able to participate in society if you’re not medicated. Sick until proven ‘healthy’ seems to be the case. 

Which is why it’s so important to us to stick together. Those that know what’s happening is wrong, those that have the courage to stand up and speak out. Every single one of us, medicated or not.

There is something very wrong going on in the world, hidden agendas for reasons only sociopaths could understand when it comes to thoughts of reducing the population or actually keeping people ill.

But we shy away from hard truths like money can’t buy anything. That billion dollar pharmacial companies don’t own the media or run government decisions. It’s sickening to think the unimaginable, which is why most don’t. 
It’s easier to go along with everything and not think twice about it all. So why would we? But, if we had a moment of solidarity, of togetherness, of unity. Life would go back to normal. The problem is too many are willing to comply regardless of their own thoughts, beliefs or intuition. No matter how extreme or how ridiculous mandates are. 

The good news is I believe the more crazy it all gets, the more people will open their eyes, and stop believing and doing exactly what they’re told. The problem is, it’ll likely be a long rough road back from how deep down they’ll take us. 

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