In Detoxify Yourself on pg 271 I talk about our green and why we too into them. Our greens are actually grown in fresh water, which may not be a concern for everyone but it is for us. And it’s the reason we haven’t gotten into fish oil yet.

Why We Chose our Greens and Why you Might Choose Them Too

I’m not saying we never will be we take careful consideration before we get into any product, and environment certainly plays a role in our decision to move forward with a product or pass on it. Another reason we struggle with the idea of getting into Collagen.

It’s worth noting that our greens actually have ‘collagen’ type health benefits. Some actually call these beauty bites.

Why We Chose our Greens and Why you Might Choose Them Too

A couple other points about our greens listed in Detoxify Yourself. Why we went with tabs is because these tiny little tabs contain the same nutrients as an entire plate of veggies. They are easy to swallow and as most greens come in a powder, you don’t have to worry about taste, horrible toxic ingredients for flavouring or making a smoothie just to get your greens in.

On that note, many greens are jam packed with toxics to flavour them just so you can get them down.

Why We Chose our Greens and Why you Might Choose Them Too

We only have one single ingredient for each bag. In the spirulina product, it’s only spirinula – nothing else. In our chlorella product, you guessed it. We only have chlorella. No toxins, preservatives, or anything at all that your body shouldn’t have.

But why order greens? I’m not saying these are 100% replacement to your vegetables but they’ll certainly help. Most people certainly don’t get enough greens throughout the day.

Greens are antioxidants which fight free radicals. Free radicals damage our bodies on a cellular level. Greens help with digestion, they can also provide energy and offer many vitamins we wouldn’t otherwise get.

In fact when people ask us if we take a multivitamin, we say we take these greens instead.

And what I love most about these greens is, they are easy to carry espeically if you travel as much as we do. If you’re going away for the weekend, a day or a full week. Take your greens with you and never have to worry about if you’re getting enough nutrients from vegetables while you are away!

If you’re interested in trying some of our greens, the order form is below.

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