In hopes of finding your inner ninja

What a beautiful morning.  How often do we say that?  More times than not we don’t have a problem complaining about the weather and don’t notice the days that offer sunshine and clear skies.

Not that long ago, I saw one of my class members running to class, which may seem small but it’s a big step for me to see.

You don’t often know if people are reading, listening or if you’re making a difference at all.  I was recently sent this picture which instantly made a difference in my day.  Along with the picture come ‘I’m learning’.

gmo bag

Recently a good friend of mine sent me this picture below which again changed my day and helped me realize people are listening.


And finally I was sent this video and said ‘this reminded me of you, you seem like a person that’s found their inner ninja’, which was flattering to say the least.

This post was put together in hopes that you realize you make a difference every day.  Whether it’s making small changes yourself which inspires others to do the same, whether it’s sending a note, picture or video that brightens someone’s day and shows them they do make a difference; whether it’s simply changing your focus and being able to appreciate a morning filled with sunshine.  We have choices every day, every moment; these choices form who we are and what we do.

Today, I hope you find your inner ninja!