Rock Climbing and New Experiences

For some reason I’ve always wanted to rock climb.  With a little nudge I finally went for the first time (since high school which hardly counts).  Walking in the doors I quickly found out this was a perfect niche business, and this is how:  When I signed up at the front desk (and my life away) I was soon informed that it was a healthy $16 drop in fee.  The month fee is less that $50 which means they do a great job of saying, join our club or pay a ridiculous amount of money each time you visit.  $16 might not be extensive to some, however that’s only the entry fee.  After that, options for more gear will cost you $5 for the special climbing shoe rental and another $5 for a harness.  So now we’re at $26 for roughly an hour of leisurely climbing.  By no means am I saying this is a hobby or sport that’s too expensive, I’m merely pointing out how beneficial it is to actually be a part of this group.  On top of that, one of the first conversations I had with a climber sitting and watching said ‘there’s nothing else I’d rather do more’.   Which is a clear testament to how much people enjoy this activity.

rock climbing small 1

Again I do believe this seemingly exclusive club is beneficial to be a part of (and I’ll tell you why shortly), no matter what the initial costs are.  There are very few rock climbing facilities around (certainly far less than a conventional gym)which means a close nit community.  Close nit usually means supportive.  When I walked around the climbing area, not one person grunted or flexed their muscles.  No one had the most expensive shoes on nor did anyone have the newest piece of trendy clothing (queue the bright colored lululemon shirts that everyone seems to be wearing right now).  In fact it was quite the opposite as a whole.

Brown was a very common color being pants or shirts, with chalk bags hanging off waists most people were covered in it; a lot of people stood around watching others climb without judgment (as it seemed).  Some helped others with which ‘rock’ (pardon me, my climbing grammar clearly needs work) they should grab next, others spotted climbers when they were half upside down.  And the few people I talked to were more than happy to have a conversation (however brief).

I’ve always been into bodyweight exercises, which is made clear through the bodyfit classes I run.  Gymnastics always interested me and so did rock climbing for whatever reason.  I never actually made myself go to experience it but I’m happy I did.  What amazed me the most wasn’t the niche of rock climbers which was slightly fascinating on its own (coming from someone who’s never been around it before), it wasn’t the odd looking shoes, or any of the clothing for that matter; it was how incredible it was to watch.  As the participants stood and looked on before their next climb examining what path they’ll take and which direction they’ll follow to the top, it was like watching an artist plan their next masterpiece.  Which made it very clear to me this was art; in its most active form.  You use every form, every muscle, and every piece of knowledge to navigate your way up a wall.  I saw a grown man pull his entire body weight up by only his fingertips; I saw equally both men and women, I even saw kids climbing around with precise movements.

So many times we never experience what we’d like to.  We never actually make a decision, or make a commitment to follow through with what it is we really want.  We could spend our whole lives wishing or wanting and never experiencing.  I don’t know how we could possibly expect ourselves to learn and grow and achieve if we’re never willing to takes chances, experience new things and be a part of something different.

From this experience alone (along with some of Anthony Robbins’ teachings), I urge you to get out of the house, do something you’ve always wanted, make a decision, don’t let anyone or anything get in your way.  Just do it, don’t look back, don’t think ‘what if’, just go and let the chips fall where they may.  Someone recently read a quote to me that would be a good way to end this post.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do”.

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