Inspiration from your Environment

Often I feel like I’m surrounded by inspiration, I really do. Which is why I believe you can get inspiration from your environment. The other night I was at the gym and it was packed in there, I know this sounds odd given my profession but I don’t love being in a gym (which is in part why I started online coaching). But I looked around and so many people  where working hard, sweating and doing all kinds of different exercises. So I thought, there’s plenty of other ‘less than positive’ places I could be.

I get so much inspiration from those I’m surrounded by. Another evening I had a long day and was doing my best to get through it. I had a few clients in a row that worked extremely hard, almost like they knew I needed a boost (which they gave me).

inspiration from your environment



There’s Noel, who’s training for a the Death Race (as posted previously), I have a couple of ladies that are going through incredible life/health changes; not too long ago I had the opportunity to train a couple Special Olympians who quite honestly light up my day every time I see them. And finally (to name a few examples) I have a group of individuals training for the Spartan at the end of the summer.

Once in a while when I’m talking to a young Entrepreneur trying to find their way, they ask, where do you find your motivation; I’m often asked, where I find my energy and the only answer is, from my environment. From those that work with me, make life changes, won’t give up and work towards a better ‘self’.

That’s where I find my energy, inspiration and motivation; for that reason alone, I can work long days, jump up in the morning inspired and push forward when I fail (and I fail often).

If there’s one thing you can do to change your life for the better, if you’re looking for a little motivation, inspiration or to succeed in whatever you’re after in life. Look to your environment, that’s the best place to find what you’re looking for.