Journey of Entrepreneurship: Navigating Success, Struggle, and Growth

You know where a lonely place to be in life is, in business. Most forms of business are less than exciting. Sure you have your success that is plastered all over social media and everyone thinks life is grand but very few see the struggle behind the scenes. And this isn’t a ‘feel sorry for me post’.

I feel like we choose the circumstance we are in, in life. In fact if more of us took responsibility and accountability for our actions or inactions not only would this be a better world to live in, but owning your own circumstances gives you the option to change them.

You start out in business having absolutely no idea what you’re doing. Then you find a dash of success mixed in with an onslaught of constant confusion, failure and defeat; on a regular basis you wonder if you should quit everything and get a job like much of the world. Seems so much easier….

As you continue to play the game and grow you find more success and more celebrations of milestones but still you feel like an imposter and wonder when all the success will fade. You wonder when you’ll go back to not knowing if you’ll be able to pay your bills or if this was all just short term progress that’ll disappear in an instant.

I’m not sure if that’ll ever completely fade but I certainly hope so. As you continue to grow you experience new avenues you likely aren’t prepared for, have no idea what the right decisions are and have people looking at you like you should.

There’s more at stake, there’s family to support, there’s employees counting on you to continue to push forward so they can feed their families and as you proceed there’s more challenging decisions to be made.

Along the way you’ll hear from people that’ll say ‘you’ve changed’, ‘I like how things used to be’, some will consider your inexperience arrogance and many will move on as you evolve as a business, as people, as human beings that do their best to provide a service worth pursing.

But others will stay, many will continue to believe in you and as you reach new heights you’ll have the support you need, or at least we can hope.

The biggest challenge so far, at least for us, is being stuck in the middle of which side we’re on. From the many that struggle to pay their bills wondering if they’ll be able to make a business work, to a thriving/growing corporation that will most certainly succeed.

We don’t fit into the small business, daily struggle bus category anymore that fears the unknown of staying in business altogether. But making the bigger decisions that’ll grow our business, that’ll increase our revenue, that’ll bring on more responsibility of managing funds, employees, managers and more.

As we wade through uncharted waters, and do our best to make the best decisions for all parties involved, we appreciate you sharing this experience with us, for however long you choose.

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