Karma and the Rise of Small Business

This isn’t going to sound nice, but I don’t feel bad. Sure there are employees that will take a hit but these billion dollar companies will feel it the most, and if they have any integrity they’ll properly compensate their employees even while they struggle.

And I hope they do, some of them get government subsidies, tax breaks on land and breaks on import fees. Of course when ordering in mass bulk many of their products are purchased for pennies & sold for margins few could keep up with.

Of course we know Costco, Walmart, etc, these big box stores were allowed to stay open when they shut down small businesses allowing hundreds of people in a retail stores but wouldn’t let 8 people in a workout space.

It was wrong and I have to believe in karma here. Maybe the playing field will be evened out a bit. At the very least I hope Amazon, the Dollar store and previously mentioned Walmart’s take a big hit with their cheaply imported plastic goods that fill our oceans and landfills destroying our planet only to fill the pockets of board members and CEO’s.

Maybe they’ll get a taste of how difficult it was for small businesses to be shut down, staying alive by the grit of their teeth while the masses filled malls without a second thought.

Maybe these box stores will have some empty shelves, maybe people will start to realize that local, family run businesses are the heart of towns and what cities were built around.

Maybe we’ll start supporting our neighbours and paying a little bit more to strengthen our own economies instead of supporting cheap labour in countries most of us will never see.

I’m guessing once again they’ll be bailed out in some way. Maybe big pharma kicks down a couple billion. You can bet just like Concentration camp hotels that padded the pockets of those making rules and regulations will come up with something it stick to the people instead of letting these giant corporations struggle as they did with small businesses.

But I still hope people will open their eyes just a little bit and support those that care for them most.Those whose day is actually changed by a simple sale so they can feed their families and put a roof over their heads.