Let’s Talk About Greens!

Consuming greens is super important. Blue green algae is the greens that we carry. And some of the benefits or features would be that these are one ingredient. We consume a highly plant based diet. We have a green smoothie daily. We have a fruit smoothie with spinach in it, which is different from a green smoothie. So we still have a lot of greens, but then we also take greens because we take these greens supplements, because they have offered different vitamins and minerals, tons of nutrients.

So this is one ingredient Spirulina and this is one ingredient Chlorella. That’s it. They’re pressed into a tab. You don’t have to worry about the capsule. It’s very bioavailable to your body. This is food. So there’s no chemicals, there’s no fillers, no multi texture and propylene glycol. All that nonsense that you find in multivitamins or you find in other greens like those sweeteners, there’s not even a sweetener near there.

We have different kinds of tabs, because our original manufacturer couldn’t handle our bigger orders with their small supply chain issues. So just so you know, it’s the same product. It just looks a little different. We have three different sizes now. We’re waiting for a new shipment to come in. But we have our small one that is about a month’s supply. We have a medium that’s sold out, but that should be in soon, and then we have our large bag. Our large bag, depending on how many people are taking it, is 3 to 6 months. So everyone’s like, well, how much? Like, how long is it going to last? It’s really difficult to say. So we take up to 20 tabs a day, to be honest with you. I don’t. I don’t like to say it too much because it shocks people like, ‘oh, my gosh, well, I’m never going to take 20 tabs a day. So what’s the point of taking them?’ You can still get benefits. If you take one tab a day, you’re going to get benefits. One single tab is the value of an entire plate of veggies.

So remember that you have over 40 vitamins and minerals in these tabs. So if you’re like, ‘Oh, that’s just a plate of spinach, I don’t need vitamins from spinach. These have a wide array of different vitamins and minerals. These are actually our multi vitamins. We take these every day as a multivitamin. Your Spirulina goes first thing in the morning. The first thing that we take is jam packed with protein. It has that bioavailable plant based protein a little different than a different type of protein. This gives us a natural boost of energy. These omegas have tons of iron. And then you look at Chlorella, that’s more so in the evening. We take five tabs in the morning and then we take five tabs early in the afternoon. We take five tabs of Chlorella late morning and then we take five tabs a little after dinnertime or supper time.

So they do have slightly different health benefits. These Chlorella are more binding, more detoxing that will help you flush out hard metals from food, from water that you’re drinking, from not the cleanest ingredients and processed food, for example. So that’s why we take Spirulina in the morning to give us that natural energy, boost mental clarity, and then also help with focus as well.